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TSA would like to formally apologise for our absence this April. But we are not here to make excuses.

We have drawn up a basic list of some important events that have happened recently and our take on all of it.

But firstly, TSA has something to ask of you. The Constitutional Court is going to hear the UDM’s proposal of a secret ballot on Monday the 15th of May (see article below on ‘Secret Ballot’). We want this ballot to be secret so that the likelihood of impeachment is much higher. TSA wants you to send us emails – letters to the President – to thesocietalanswer@gmail.com. Or you can type your letter out in our contact form on this blog. You can also send us your letter on Instagram or Facebook which is accessible by clicking their little icons. Tell him whatever you like (keep it fairly polite, though) and we hope to be able to send them all at the same time, preferably before the vote happens.

Please send them in!

What is currently happening in South Africa?

Malusi Gigaba

Part of the reason that South Africa has been so unsettled was the appointment of new finance minister, Malusi Gigaba. It’s too early to come to a final, conclusive opinion of his work, but so far (despite the manner in which he was appointed), Malusi Gigaba has actually held his own in the world of finance. One example would be his performance at the WEF Africa 2017. He finally seemed to clear the air up a little bit for everyone by ‘defining’ this term that we always hear but never truly understand; ‘Radical Economic Transformation’.
Gigaba says that it is a way to hand over SA’s economy to the majority of the population… interesting. Read about it in the Times link.

Find some more links about this below.

Perhaps Gigaba will not be bad for South Africa. If he is not operating in the interest of the Guptas.

Surprisingly, despite the current turmoil that all of South Africa feels that it is in, some countries think that we are the perfect country to invest in. The Saudi Gazette claims that SA is ’emerging as one of the most popular trade and investment destinations’. (Find link to article below labelled ‘Saudi Gazette’). It features the following picture and caption:

sa-2-640x337.jpgCustodian of Two Holy Mosques King Salman bestows on President Jacob Zuma the King Abdul Aziz First Order, the highest award given to Heads of State by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, during the state visit of President Zuma to Saudi Arabia in March 2016. — Courtesy photo
The article continues on to state many flattering and seemingly accurate statistics about our working class and economy. It is a very flattering piece, written on the 30th April of this year.

We don’t know if they are ignoring recent events or simply do not care about them. They say,

The government recently adopted a new development plan ‘Vision 2030: Our Future Our Plan’. It is a bold plan that sets a target for growth of 5.4% per year over the next 15 years to create more than 11 million new jobs……

It is a bold and ambitious plan but one that is practical and achievable, but will require hard work and persistent effort. It will also need strong partnerships from our friends in the international community.

This is great for South Africa and it is hard to credit it to anyone other than Gigaba. We will have to watch the economic situation carefully. Despite our Junk Status rating, Saudi thinks that we are worth it! Well, at least the Gazette does!

Another article from Sunday World (find below labelled ‘Sunday World’) has stated that our country’s trade balance records an R11.4 billion surplus in March. It has the following tagline:

South Africa’s trade surplus grew sharply in March as commodity exports jumped on the back of strong global demand, raising the chances it will be able to narrow the current account deficit, which is seen as a key economic weakness.

This is also brilliant news and may be directly connected to Saudi Arabia’s interest.

Jacob Zuma

Aah. What has our President been up to recently?

Some good news is that he has been ordered by Judge Bashier Vally to hand over all records explaining the reason why he reshuffled the Cabinet. This is great because the President must be held accountable for his actions.

In other somewhat good news, Jacob has recently accepted the fact that he was booed at a Cosatu event. He said that it is a sign of true democracy; a country where the President can be booed without consequences. Free speech. It’s good. TSA agrees, Zuma.

But we ask you why you did not believe this when people were marching? Is it because you have to be accepting of the worker’s union or else they will stop voting for you/your party? Or do you truly believe that the marching against you was wrong but booing you is ‘a show of democracy’?

The article about this is very informative. Consider, do you think that South Africa today is not autocratic? I mean, we are definitely not in as bad of a situation as some countries with actual dictators but is what the President saying completely true or embellished propaganda to keep the workforce in his good books?

Read the article below.


Secret Ballot


Malusi Gigaba And WEF

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