The Presidency and it’s Murky Future

Exciting times ahead, fellow South Africans.

And perhaps not in a good way.

According to Gwede Mantashe, there are six candidates (within the ANC) racing for the Presidency of the ANC, and possibly the country. There are most likely a lot more than six.

The best assumption of the candidates (and very few details on them) are as follows:

Fairly Likely:
Cyril Ramaphosa
– Deputy President, spoken out against Zuma and the Guptas, backed by Cosatu and SACP, anti-corruption.
Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma – Backed by Jacob Zuma (her ex-hubby), ANCWL and ANCYL in KZN, gender-focused campaign (obviously), fairly weak campaign so far.
Lindiwe Sisulu – possibly running, seems to have strong support, campaigners are for her, “anti-Zuma”.
Baleka Mbete – Hoped to be backed by Zuma but was ‘dumped’ (in Julius Malema’s words) for Dlamini Zuma, campaign has somewhat halted.
Zweli Mkhize – Supportive of Gordhan and Jonas, KZN supporters lost, possible collaboration with Ramaphosa.

Fairly Unlikely: 
Jeff Radebe – not really aligned with a faction, lots of experience in cabinet, not a lot of support.
Tito Mboweni – NEC, Lots of Twitter followers, Cassper Nyovest released a song named after him.
Gwede Mantashe – Anti-Zuma (most of the time?), not likely to be able to form a strong campaign now
Matthews Phosa – Has been competing for long time, no major support.

An article on all of the candidates is below under the label “Candidates”.

Fake News and Ferial Haffajee’s Ideas About Journalism

Right now has got to be the worst time to be a truthful, reliable and brilliant journalist. The Fake News are hogging all of the attention!

Most notably, there has been a recent situation with the Huffington Post. It is explained in the articles below under the label “HuffPost FAIL”.

Here is a super basic outline:

  • The Huffington Post posted an article with the title; “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?”… (this is problem number one…here come the rest)
  • The post was factually inaccurate and basically FAKE NEWS.
  • The post was said to be written by Shelly Garland
  • Shelly Garland was actually a white man, Marius Roodt, who was baiting South Africans to show they racism towards white people (???)
  • Huffington Post did not know that (they fact-checked NOTHING)
  • The court has now found them guilty of HATE SPEECH (which is a very unclear conviction) instead of focusing on the fact that they posted fake news. This ruling is now being appealed.

So that happened. A roller coaster of a story with so many issues that it deserves it’s own 10-page essay.

One of the important lessons from this story was the idea of unreliable news. Ferial Haffajee (experienced editor and journalist) has suggested that people pay for their news in order to get a better source of news. Internet news searching can be difficult, tiring and intuitive when you are trying to discover the truth. Everything is just a possibility, not a fact.

Oh, speaking of,

DISCLAIMER: The facts in this article were as accurate as humanly possible at the time of production ;).

Disclaimers like the one TSA just used (sorry) are brilliant excuses for many news agencies to post the loosest version of ‘facts’ that they can muster. Even though paying for a news subscription probably won’t ensure the absence of bias, propaganda or even fake news, it certainly is more reliable than most of the internet. Of course, the internet is a tool that needs to be utilised properly. As long as you are intelligent about it, the internet may be useful. But this requires the researcher to check dates, authors, to cross-reference and to ensure that they are receiving information from a reputable source.

Whilst conducting research for this very article, TSA avoided HuffPost like the plague (in terms of getting actual facts) because of this silly incident. But that is our mistake. It is not only the HuffPost that is at fault here. All news reports have to be checked and double checked. It is the world that we live in today.

We need to keep our eyes, ears and minds open. Look out for propaganda, fake news, fake Whatsapp messages, misinformed opinions etc. Even our articles can’t be trusted! Go check and verify EVERYTHING for yourself. Until the media pulls itself together, as citizens we need to remain informed. We need to ensure that the information we receive is true because information, fact or fiction, is extremely powerful.

Stay woke.




HuffPost FAIL